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My First Destination Wedding - Senegal

Nush & Sacha - November 11th 2023 - Senegal, West Africa.

I haven’t felt excitement like when this opportunity landed in my inbox. Nush posted on her story that she was looking for a photographer to shoot their wedding in Senegal and a few friends sent me the story and I literally jumped on it!! 

Fast forward  a few months later and i’m packing my bags and catching a flight to my first destination wedding!  Imposter syndrome was rife as i’d never done a destination wedding before and this felt like a biggy. I felt prepared as i’m used to shooting in the sun after multiple trips to LA shooting fashion campaigns. 

We arrived at the venue in style via two of Dakar’s colourful busses. The venue was La Réserve , a beautiful nature reserve landscape hosting many wild animals and even a white peacock, with pool, gorgeous rooms and courtyard where the wedding took place.

Nush wore a traditional robe and looked absolutely breath taking, before changing in to a long slip for the evening, ready for dancing! 

The ceremony was like nothing i’ve every seen and probably will ever experience again. I struggle to find the words at how stunning it was, and what a truly unforgettable experience. Picture the scene, the suns setting as they’re saying their vows and there are wild animals roaming around in the reserve behind the alter. Remember this is my FIRST destination wedding, and it’s THIS good. 

The food was a huge round bbq and buffet, followed by gorgeous mini french deserts. Then speeches, Sacha’s story telling speech was hilarious, followed by cake cutting and then a LOT of dancing. The vibe was immaculate and I feel so so lucky and grateful to Nush and Sacha for asking me to shoot their wedding. What a truly unforgettable experience <3 

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