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Want to add a roll of 35mm to your wedding package?

Do you love that grainy, fly on the wall, nostalgic documentary feel? Film photos can really give you a different element and feel of your day in contrast to the gorgeous more polished photos that your main gallery will be filled with.

You might already be thinking about adding disposable cameras to your tables, which is a really fun idea, but let’s face it, 50% of the photos will probably have fingers over the lens! If you want to add film to your package you’ll get the main shots of your day on film as well as digital, and the guests can snap away with each other but at least you know you’ve got the main shots too :) 

If you want to add this to your package, just ask me ahead of time and I can snap away on both digital and film throughout the day! The cost to add film to your package will be an additional £30 per roll.

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